Women in Ministry in The Christian and 
Missionary Alliance in Canada
About the Author 
Forgotten Voices tells the stories of 40 amazing women who had a significant role in the history of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

From these women who served as evangelists, church planters, pastors and teachers we can...
  • be inspired by their unimaginable trust and faith as they served God
  • learn how to trust God's leading for our lives
  • be encouraged to see that our lives can influence countless others
  • discover the effectiveness of prayer and perseverance
  • be challenged to find our place in God's kingdom

Accompanied by nearly 90 photos, this well-researched book is a compelling and inspirational read for anyone interested in the role of women in the church today. 
Appreciation for Forgotten Voices

"Forgotten Voices allows us to hear from women who served Christ in the Canadian Alliance. They endured poverty, cold and criticism but were not deterred. They planted churches, brought aid to the suffering and won converts to Christ. We are privileged to have had these anointed women among us and we are blessed to hear their stories." 
~ Franklin Pyles, Former President, 
The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

"Barbara Howe has made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Alliance in Canada. As she demonstrates, the ministry of women was a vital part of the planting, growth and development of many churches, particularly in the west. This central aspect of our heritage is recovered and celebrated in a masterful way in Forgotten Voices. Everyone interested in the contribution of women to the church or to the history of the Alliance would do well to read this."
~ Dr. Ken Draper, Professor of History, 
Ambrose University College, Calgary

"How thankful I am that Barbara Howe has penned the stories of these heroic women. Their lives, marked by steadfast determination and indomitable spirits, serve to remind us of what has been done to build God's kingdom on earth and what can be done when devoted followers consecrate themselves fully to the Lord's work."
~ Shauna Archer, District Missions Consultant/Seamless Link 
Advisor, C&MA Canadian Midwest District, Regina 

"Barbara's intended purpose in writing Forgotten Voices is to preserve the history of the lives and ministries of women and their contributions to kingdom work through the Christian and Missionary Alliance for present and future generations. She has more than succeeded. Her impressive, detailed research and accessible style have provided an excellent and necessary tool for understanding the very identity and ethos of the C&MA in Canada."
~ Rev. William R. McAlpine, Ph.D., Associate Professor of 
Practical Theology, Ambrose University College, Calgary

Barbara Howe received a BEd degree from the University of Calgary and a Master of Arts in Theological  Studies (MATS) from Prairie Graduate School. She took a number of courses towards this degree at CTS (Ambrose Seminary). Barbara has team-taught an adult Bible class for several years and served for a three-year period as a part-time Pastor of Adult Ministries. Barbara and her husband, Rae, live in Calgary, Alberta, and are members of Southview Alliance Church.  
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Article: Rise to the Occasion
C&MA worker Margaret Connor was a church planter in the pioneer spirit.
Published in Alliance Life, June 2006.
Forgotten Voices

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